Monday, July 16, 2012

Blog Migration

Are any of you still there? I hope so. And I hope you'll follow me over to my new home.

My sabbatical is almost over and I am planning on returning to blogging twice monthly when the semester begins. I've also got some special announcements to share with you over the next few weeks.

During this time away, we've made some significant changes to the blog and to my website. This blog ( is going to be deleted shortly. Unfortunately, though I've migrated the blog posts to the new site, I cannot migrate the followers and subscribers. I'm really sorry about that. I'm converting to Wordpress, which is much easier to use and is going to allow me to make many more frequent updates to the website in addition to the blog.

If you'd still like to follow the blog (and I promise I'll be posting again soon), please do the following:

Go to the new Wordpress site site. ( If you currently like to read the blog through an RSS feeder, then please look on the right side under the book covers. You'll see "Feeds" and the icon for the RSS feeder. If you prefer to get the blog on your e-mail, you'll see a gray rectangular box on the lower right side of the screen with a + symbol and "follow". Click on that box and fill in your e-mail address. I can't complete this part for you, unfortunately. That's it! Your blog subscription process will be completed.

If you poke around on the new site, you'll see there's a contact link on the upper right. If you'd like to be added to the e-mail list for my every-other-month newsletter (a new feature!), please fill out that form and check the box.

I have also, theoretically, figured out how to feed the new site into Facebook just like we did before.

You may notice the new site is instead of I'm in the process of transferring the domain ownership of from my current registrar to the same hosting service we're using with the new site, so both domain names will reflect each other soon. We will eventually just redirect the .net site to the .com one. (I know, too much information) That transition should be much simpler and not require you to re-sign up for the blog.

I'd like to offer a huge thank you to my amazing friends at The Concentrium for helping so much with the design and transitioning of my domain and data.

I'll be posting both on this blog and the new site for a few weeks before shutting down the Blogspot blog.

I hope you'll continue to join me. Enjoy the final weeks of summer!

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